10 places in UK worth visiting for an American


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10 places in UK worth visiting for an American

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You could spend a whole year traveling around Great Britain and still have countless places to discover, such is the wealth of natural landscapes, beautiful cities or places full of history that dot the country and help to know its essence: its sense of humor, its most traditional customs, and even its impossible accents! This is a short list of some of the essential corners of Great Britain to discover part of its uniqueness, but there are many, many more...

The British Museum (London, England)

London has it all, but there is one place in its incredible collection that you must visit: The British Museum (British Museum, Great Russell St.), a compendium of the History -with capital letters- of the world through more than seven million objects from all eras and civilizations that occupies one of the most elegant neoclassical buildings in the city. It highlights everything related to Ancient Egypt and its mummies, the most enigmatic and subjugating part, but there is much more to see as the friezes of the Parthenon, the mythical Rosetta Stone or the impressive gates of Babylon. And, even if it's not the real thing, the copy of the Discobolus is going to get you a lot of likes when you photograph it and post it on your Instagram profile. Guaranteed!

The Giant's Causeway (Bushmills, Northern Ireland).

Some 40,000 hexagonally shaped blocks of basaltic rock make up this impressive volcanic formation from some 60 million years ago in the heart of the beautiful coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Legend has it that the Irish giant Finn regularly fought with his Scottish counterpart Bennandoner throwing stones at each other, so many that they formed this spectacular path through which the Scotsman decided to attack him... Myths aside, it is a place full of magic worth visiting and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1986. To visit it is advisable to wear boots with good soles: the rocks are usually wet and slippery, so walk with caution.

Riverside Museum (Glasgow, Scotland)

The spectacular building designed by Zaha Hadid is reminiscent of the waves of the sea and, as one of the best museums in the world dedicated to transport, it treasures an impressive collection of streetcars, trains, fire trucks, trailers, motorcycles and cars, as well as a collection of bicycles suspended from the ceiling that will leave you, for sure, with your mouth open.

Royal Mile (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Lined with stores, restaurants and cafes, the beautiful Royal Mile of Edinburgh connects the Royal Castle with the Palace of Holyroodhouse and its name comes from its length, 1,814.2 meters, or what is the same, a Scottish mile. There are a thousand nooks and crannies and places to visit in the Royal Mile of Edinburgh, such as St Giles Cathedral or the Tron Kirk church, converted into a flea market, and of course do not even think of leaving Edinburgh without visiting the White Horse Close alley, which transports you directly to a time when people traveled in carriages and slept in inns.

The Cavern (Liverpool, England)

On November 9, 1961, Brian Epstein met The Beatles in a rock joint called The Cavern and, as they say, the rest is history.... Today, The Cavern, with its famous neon, is still open at 10 Matthew Street and, in addition to being an obligatory pilgrimage point for Beatles fans, maintains a great concert program, through which other legendary names of British music such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys or Travis have paraded. The legendary 'cave' is a constant party that you can not miss during your trip to Liverpool.

Bath (Somerset, England)

The spa town of Bath was the inspiration for great English writers such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens - its thermal waters, already enjoyed by the Romans, were as famous as its high society parties -, and today it is one of the essential places you can't miss when traveling to the United Kingdom. Take note of the things to do and places to see in Bath: visit Bath Abbey and the Roman baths, climb the Clock Tower, cross the Pulteney Bridge, and discover in The Jane Austen Centre (40 Gay St), a museum dedicated to the famous writer located very close to the house where she lived, one of the best tea rooms in Bath, the elegant Regency Tea Room. You will feel like the protagonist of a Victorian novel!

Snowdonia National Park (Wales)

Snowdonia National Park, in Wales, is one of the best places to practice climbing and hiking in the United Kingdom. An excellent way to visit it is to do so aboard the Ffestiniog railroad, which runs through it with its beautiful locomotive painted in red, and from where you will contemplate the lakes, valleys and 14 majestic peaks of the park, the most famous (and highest) of which is the Snowdon, with 1,085 meters high. The top of this mountain can also be reached by another train, the Snowdon Mountain Railway, although the climb, if the weather is good, is not too hard and is well worth the effort.

Stonehenge (Wiltshire, England)

The mystical heart of England is Stonehenge, the mysterious stone circle-shaped megalithic monument of uncertain origin and five thousand years old. Stonehenge stands alone above the green meadows, pointing to a sky full of questions, "Have you felt the energy?" being the most repeated among its visitors. To visit Stonehenge, you have to buy tickets well in advance but, if you don't have time, it is possible to buy rush tickets (at a higher price, of course), as Barack Obama himself did.

The Cotswolds (England)

Besides being one of the most beautiful regions of England, full of villages, small churches, large mansions and some of the most impressive palaces in the country, The Cotswolds, in the counties of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, is a highly recommended area to discover English gastronomy, a surprise where Michelin stars compete with products with designation of origin. Among them, Single Gloucester cheese and Gloucester Old Spot pork stand out, and you will never again say that England is a bad place to eat!

The Highlands (Scotland)

Renting a car and getting lost in the Scottish Highlands is like living a dream. Okay, you have to drive on the left, but that will seem the least when you do it crossing this beautiful natural paradise as there are few in the world: lakes, fortifications, palaces, small cemeteries, waterfalls, medieval heart cities... The treasure of these Highlands of Scotland is its nature, whose greatest exponent are the spectacular cliffs, such as those of Kilt Rock, north of the Isle of Skye. Do not leave the Highlands without visiting Eilean Donan Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the world, and of course, without taking a look at Loch Ness, you never know...

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