What a once-in-a-lifetime American can do in the Netherlands


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What a once-in-a-lifetime American can do in the Netherlands

About game «What a once-in-a-lifetime American can do in the Netherlands»

1. See the landing legally from the cockpit of an airplane approaching Schiphol Airport and experience that strange feeling you get when you land... three meters below sea level. Immerse yourself in a world of sponsored stores, bars and nooks.

2. Show off your cycling skills when you arrive in Amsterdam and get unexpectedly lost in the idyllic alleys and bridges of the Jordaan district.

3. Get in line so you don't miss the palpable myth of Anne Frank and her home, as well as the great Dutch classics in the newly renovated Rijksmuseum. Distinguish a Van Gogh painting between two revealing sly and modern in your own museum.

4. Offer, even if it's not the zenith of gourmet drinking, a good beer at the Heineken Experience brewery after you've experienced an ode to malt juice travel.

5. Flirt with hallucinogens at any coffee shop, even as a mere spectator.

6. Stay up late with neon lights dilating the pupils of the decadent and at times unnecessarily awful Red Light District. Find a tourist spot among the artwork, rarities and provocations of the Museum of Erotica.

7. Turn into a Japanese/Sunday tourist as you approach Volendam and stroll through its docks, traditional houses and women dressed in folk costumes. Continue your introduction to folklore by going to Marken.

8. Return to the Disney universe as you travel through the seas of tulips that color the provinces of Holland west of Amsterdam.

9. Spend any summer Friday approaching Alkmaar and enjoy a folklore show at the cheese market. Take advantage of a little escape to enjoy Gothic buildings such as the weighing house or the church of San Lorenzo .

10. Go around its canals until you feel modern, such as the fantastic new town hall.

11. go to Texel Island to fall in love with the melancholy northern seascapes, those lonely lighthouses, beaches and dunes without bathing suits.

12. Contemplate the natural spectacle that produces water, marshes and sand on the Wadden Islands. Understand from here how important dams are to trap water and not let it gnaw or flood the land.

13. Forget about being a tourist attraction by discovering the various "humble" monuments in Saanse Schaans.

14. Instagram as a teenager any mill against the light.

15. ** Skip the cyclists or join them in Haarlem **, a city with the name of a New York City neighborhood (well, all backwards) that embodies the elegance of Dutch architecture: canals, brick buildings, portico castles and rudders everywhere.

16. I pray to the gods that the sun will show up a little and make the beach huts of Zandvoort, the most vintage and sunny and beachy vacation in the west of the country, bloom.

17. Spring on the idyllic, almost fictional floral carpets of Köckenhoff Park.

18. Show your colleagues the computer geek anecdote when you explain that Den Haag literally translates not as The Hague, but as a hedge or wooden fence.

19 Leave the anecdote aside to become a little monarchical among its sober palaces, state headquarters, and famous courtyards. Admire the new skyline, where the tops of modern buildings appear between centuries-old scaly roofs.

20. Spread any museum idea you have while you enjoy the paranoia and deception of the Escher Museum. Meet the girl with the pearl earring in the always attractive Mauritshuis.

21. Connect this city with neighboring Rotterdam by subway.

22. Stop for a while in beautiful Schiedam, the city with the world's tallest old-style windmills and where, thank goodness, they invented Genever, the root of the fantastic gin.

23. avoid the fascination of Rotterdam with modernity and aluminum by starting your visit in Delphshaven, the only part of the port that survived the bombing and which is today a lightweight of history and exposed brick.

24. Sunset in front of the Erasmus Bridge, enjoying one of the most beautiful metallic landscapes of old Europe with NHOW and the New York Hotel as a backdrop .

25. Being the first to proclaim the Cape the new Mecca for gourmet gentrification, with Paul Posse coffee and Fenix Food Factory as the flagship.

26. Naked in front of the amazing skies of Marktala, the perfect horseshoe guarding the market and managing to beautify the appearance of the city. So that after an overdose of colorinci look at the cubic houses as an obsolete and unnecessary icon.

27. Alternately, as if there is no tomorrow, through Witte de Wit, where you can go for a bohemian coffee and end up hugging the streetlights without liturgy and blinking between them.

28. Return to peace and solemnity by walking down the Maas to the giant windmills of Kinderdijk .

29. Arrive in Gouda because of the dairy namesake and stop for discovery, with colorful and impressive buildings such as the town hall or the church of San Juan Bautista.

30. Learn that Old Zealand is a large river estuary area in the southwest, where landmarks dedicated to the sea, such as the MuZEEum (Vlissingem), the Zierikzee towers or ** Wielingen (Cadzan) ** the waterfront, the longest work of art in Europe, appear.

31. Surrender to Breda (pardon the trite pun) in places like the Beguinage or the Grote Kerk.

32. Defeat Trivial by arguing with anyone about whether the nation is called the Netherlands (theoretically good, because they all add up that way) or Holland (theoretically bad, because it only applies to the westernmost and most populous provinces). End with a shenanigan because of the good vibe and the fact that it is a hand-written geographic synecdoche.

33. Take Eindhoven out to dance as if it were not the ugliest, and thus find the aesthetic of the city expressed in modern buildings, glazed and with iconic forms such as the airport, the Phillips Museum, the Van Abbe Museum or the " Fuchsas Drop building in September 18 Square.

34. To think you are in Cadiz, walking through the white corners of the city of Thorn .

35. Hit Maastricht to make sure that it is pure history and that, despite its harshness, it is still very young.

36. Soak up history through the veins of the fortress and the miles of tunnels in the caves of San Pedro .

37. The quiet terrace around Market Square and Bassen Harbor.

38. Take off the overalls and your curiosity about TEFAF by quenching your craving for art at the diverse Bonnefantenmuseum.

39. Escape to Valkenburg to enjoy the province of Limburg in a very mild dose.

40. Find art like finding mushrooms in the Hoge-Veluwe National Park, where places like the Kreller-Muller Museum and its dozens of Van Goghs or the Het-Loo Palace justify the miles.

41. Travel through time to the charming and embalmed cities of Hattem, Wageningen and Elburg.

42. Understand that Arnhem is a city dedicated to fashion, setting aside the Clarendel Quarter and the Arets Fashion Academy.

43. Exude saliva and be tempted to savor any city with a cheesy name .

44. Debunk the myth that the north is soulless by alternating between modernity and tradition in the buildings of Groningen.

45. Conquer the walls of Dokkum and its "warlike" canals .

46. Get ahead of fashion and capitals by getting to know Leeuwarden, Europe's future cultural capital, where everything, absolutely everything is coquettish, even the timid skyscrapers.

47. Buy, live, take the children to school, etc. etc. on the waters of Githorn, a small town where the streets were replaced by water alleys.

48. Call the Audegracht the most emblematic canal in the Netherlands and the main artery for parties and walks in Utrecht.

49. Celebrate Utrecht's oldest by crowning the cathedral tower and paving the doors of De Haar Castle, the largest and most monumental in all the Netherlands.

50. A night walk in search of the different points of the Trajectum Lumen, an artistic route where light and illumination become art.

51. Bless its transformation into a city for architecture lovers in front of buildings such as the Rietveld-Schroeder House and the avant-garde and colorful buildings of De Witthof, the university quarter.