Where Americans travel abroad


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Where Americans travel abroad

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Although Americans may travel to a record number of countries, some parts of the world are seen more often than others. WanderBat, the travel research site Graphiq, used data from the Commerce Department's National Bureau of Travel and Tourism to find where most Americans have traveled in the past two years.

Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic

The beaches of neighboring Mexico are quite popular with Americans. Cancun and Playa del Carmen are favorite Mexican vacation spots for U.S. citizens. One out of every three Americans traveling outside of their own country goes to Mexico. U.S. citizens love the Mexican flavor, and many choose to return to Mexico for a longer trip after a week's vacation. Mexican beaches come in all varieties: snow-white, beige, fiery orange, so Americans are careful in choosing a resort. The best ones are in the state of Quintana Roo and actually have a Caribbean feel. In Cancun, all the beaches are sandy and white, mostly public. Playa del Carmen is a smaller version of Cancun with more compact beaches and a provincial atmosphere. Great for couples with young children. Playa del Carmen's beaches are all white-sandy, and there are cafes and restaurants near each, much appreciated by Americans. Tijuana is a partying American resort, very crowded and not elite. So many Americans come to Tijuana not to the beaches at all, but to the Center, where there are many good hotels, restaurants and bars. In Tijuana, the beaches are fine pebbles or pale gray sand.

Costa Rica attracts Americans because there are two coasts - the Pacific and Atlantic, and they are completely different. This country is the green heart of Latin America, there are mountain hiking trails and opportunities for surfing, rafting, underwater fishing and diving, as well as excellent climatic conditions. Costa Rica is "sharpened" for the Americans. Many of them, once visited it, decide to buy a house or apartment.

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is valued for its beautiful beaches. In general, a trip abroad for an American - something archi-convenient, because the blue book entitles visa-free travel to more than 150 countries. The very concept of "getting a visa" for the U.S. citizen is something exotic. Many Americans have no idea that visa-free travel is a luxury and a privilege, believing that it should be.


Between 12 and 15 million Americans travel to Canada each year (most of them by car, the rest by plane). The proximity of this state and excellent service combined with amazing natural beauty make the Canadian vacation destination one of the most popular for U.S. citizens. In addition, English is also spoken in Canada. Pragmatic Americans like it. In addition, Canada itself is gorgeous and welcoming. Hiking and kayaking are the most popular activities for Americans here. Canada is especially in demand before the Christmas vacations - there is plenty of snow and winter sports activities. From Niagara Falls to the Hockey Hall of Fame, there really is something for the American tourist to see in Canada.

United Kingdom

U.S. citizens mostly go to London as a historical homeland, in search of ancestral roots, and because "they speak English there." It is the most visited European country by Americans. The primitive English also love overseas visitors - as rich tourists (and any average American is richer than any average European) they are welcome guests in any country. Especially for hotel employees, waiters and cab drivers - American tourists don't skimp on tips.

Americans abroad behave like children. They are sociable and eager to engage in conversation. They usually speak loudly, so you can hear an American a mile away. Also they like to keep a diary while traveling.

During the trips abroad Americans inevitably engage in one of the favorite national sports - visiting stores, where there are sales. The word sale has a magical effect on Americans. Any hostess will be extremely happy after buying on sale somewhere in London, suit, which at home she could have bought for half price even without any discounts.


Not only Americans dream of visiting Paris at least once, and Americans fly to France because "Paris is Paris! The French welcome overseas guests (as well as any other guests, because they are guests) and offer them a vacation to suit all tastes. Many young Americans study at the Sorbonne while enjoying the museums and historical sites of France. The French Riviera is also a big draw for visitors from the USA, and the proximity to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and other European countries gives American travelers even more options. France is one of the most romantic and colorful countries, which has everything for comfortable and memorable vacation even for demanding USA citizens.

Holland (Netherlands)

The sights of Holland combined with the unique atmosphere of Amsterdam is a separate conversation and tourist destination. Netherlands (Netherlands) is one of the pearl countries of western Europe. The beauty and colorful culture of this state can be talked about for hours, and about the ways of leisure in Holland are already making legends. People live here with a special mentality. For many locals, the holiday is the defining meaning of their lives. Needless to say, Dutch tourist itineraries are particularly attractive to some tourists from the United States? For the most part, Americans enjoy the local flavor and sophisticated atmosphere, and the Netherlands is famous for its food and wine. The Dutch capital is home to Holland's entire cultural heritage as well as many famous landmarks and other attractions.

Australia, Indonesia, Georgia, etc.

Recently, more and more Americans prefer to visit the Australian continent. First of all they speak English there, and secondly Australian natural parks are very different from the rest of the world's natural attractions. Americans love anything unusual. For example, they are attracted to Indonesia by the great number of original tribes and fire-breathing volcano giants.

Georgia has recently become increasingly popular among American tourists for its Caucasian hospitality and gastronomic flavor. Almost as many American citizens visit there as go to Israel. Tourism brought $2 billion to Georgia in 2016, while the country's entire budget is $3.34 billion. The largest American hotel chain, Best Western, has opened 15 hotels in Georgia. The U.S. dollar is freely accepted in Georgia as payment for goods and services. The country is safe not only for tourists from the United States, but for any guests in general.

In this article we have described only a few of the tourist destinations that U.S. citizens choose as a travel destination.