Did Bolsonaro end up in the hospital again with stomach pains? All because of the 2018 assassination attempt?

In 2018, Bolsonaro survived an assassination attempt – he was stabbed in the stomach.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who survived an assassination attempt in 2018, has been hospitalized again due to abdominal pain and symptoms of intestinal obstruction.

The president was hospitalized with the same symptoms in July this year. Bolsonaro fell ill while on vacation in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

His vacation had to be cut short, and his attending doctor was brought in on a special flight from the Bahamas, according to Brazilian media reports.

Doctors say the 66-year-old president’s condition is stable. Bolsonaro posted a photo from the hospital on Twitter. He is lying on a hospital bed with a nasogastric tube in his nose.

Bolsonaro wrote that the reason for the hospitalization was the same symptoms that caused him to spend four days in the hospital last July. He clarified that the intestinal obstruction is related to the consequences of the assassination attempt in 2018, when he was seriously injured and has since undergone four surgeries.

As stated in the president’s tweet, Bolsonaro fell ill after lunch on Sunday. He was taken to the private clinic “Vila Nova Star” in São Paulo. Footage from the scene showed that Bolsonaro was able to walk down the ramp from the plane on his own.

Bolsonaro came to power in Brazil in 2019 and plans to run for re-election. The country’s next presidential election will take place in October. In recent months, his popularity has declined due to criticism of the measures taken by his government after the start of the pandemic and due to the economic downturn.

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