Americans love to travel, although the average vacation in America is 10 days. Many prefer to move from place to place around the country, but sooner or later a United States citizen moves out of their state. Unfortunately, this often does not happen until after retirement. Statistically, only half of U.S. citizens have been abroad. One in three do not have a passport (it is necessary for traveling abroad). But more than 50 million Americans travel abroad each year. In general, Americans are homebodies. The natural and climatic conditions of the U.S. are so diverse that they can spend all vacations "at home" without going abroad. But if the American "got out" abroad, he will put into his travel money box country by country, until he travels around half of the world. Needless to say, this is available to quite well-to-do strata of American citizens? On our site we will try to analyze which countries are the most popular among Americans, and why.