The Netherlands has banned the sale of pendants and bracelets against 5G. Do they emit radiation?

“Quantum Coulomb” is made of volcanic lava, its makers claim.

The Dutch Agency for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) has warned that products such as “quantum coulombs”, “ionic necklaces” and others described as “protection against the influence of the 5G mobile network” emit radiation and are dangerous to health.

The agency has published a list of ten so-called “protective” accessories for sale that research has shown to be radioactive.

“Measurements have shown that the radiation level from these specific items is low. However, if a person wears them for a long time (24 hours a day throughout the year), they may be exposed to harmful radiation that exceeds the strict norm in the Netherlands,” the agency’s statement said.

The ANVS has called on owners of “quantum talismans”, “health bracelets”, sleep masks and necklaces with “negatively charged” ions to stop using them immediately and take them to a safe place.

The Dutch authority plans to issue instructions for the safe return of radioactive items soon.

The agency has contacted the companies that sell the products it tested in the Netherlands and asked them to immediately remove them from sale, as it is illegal to sell products that emit dangerous levels of radiation.

These sellers must now also contact their customers and inform them of the potential health risk.

The ANVS list includes ten tested products, including a bracelet, pendant and sleep mask with tourmaline from the Energy Armor brand, silicone wristbands for adults and children from the Magnetix brand, “quantum pendant” and “health bracelet” from Nero.

This silicone wristband for children emits radiation, according to experts in the Netherlands.

Similar items have long been sold on the Internet as alternative medicine tools and sources of “bioenergy,” with a long list of promised benefits ranging from “improving blood circulation and metabolism” to “protecting against electrical devices.

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But in recent years, the market has grown significantly as manufacturers have begun to position these accessories as a means of protection against the 5G wireless system that many conspiracy theories are based on.

In May 2020, the Trading Standards Authority in the United Kingdom halted the sale of a flash drive priced at £339 (about $450) that was marketed online as a “protective tool against 5G harm.”

In addition, certain stickers claiming to protect against radiation could be purchased from Amazon’s online store.

Currently, there is no scientific evidence that 5G mobile communications and related infrastructure can have a harmful effect on human health.

The World Health Organization states that based on existing research, mobile communication is considered safe and that 5G does not differ significantly from 4G or 3G in terms of its potential health effects.

In 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to publish the results of a more detailed study on the health risks of mobile networks of different frequencies, including 5G.

Cellular networks use non-ionizing radio waves that do not affect DNA.

However, during the pandemic, conspiracy theorists set fire to dozens of 5G towers in Europe and the UK, believing they would harm human health and spread coronaviruses in particular.

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