Madonna has been released from the hospital! She was admitted to intensive care with a bacterial infection?

Singer Madonna has been discharged from the hospital, she is at home and feeling better after being in the intensive care unit, BBC has learned.

According to reports, Madonna was taken by ambulance from the hospital to her New York home. “She’s fine,” said a CNN source.

Earlier, Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary mentioned that she was hospitalized on Saturday due to a “serious bacterial infection. It is unclear what caused Madonna’s infection, but doctors said her condition required treatment in the intensive care unit.

The 64-year-old singer was due to embark on a seven-month world tour in the coming weeks, but has been forced to postpone it. In total, about 50 concerts were planned as part of the Celebration Tour. Madonna, who rarely talks about her health, has been holding final rehearsals in recent weeks before the start of performances.

Under Ozri’s post on Instagram, international celebrities left numerous comments wishing Madonna a speedy recovery.

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